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Algorithmic trading, abbreviated as algo trading, is a technology-driven approach to financial markets. It relies on computer programs to automatically execute trading strategies based on pre-defined criteria. Algo trading leverages data analysis, mathematical models, and predetermined rules to make rapid trading decisions, often within microseconds. This method offers advantages such as increased speed, efficiency, and the ability to handle large volumes of data. However, it also carries risks like system glitches and market manipulation. Regulatory bodies closely monitor algo trading to ensure fair and stable financial markets. In summary, algo trading has transformed the trading landscape, reshaping how investments are bought and sold globally.

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- Start or stop your algo at your will. You can run multiple algos at once.

- Get support for your algo with an easy-to-use support ticket system.

- Multiple brokers are supported. We support Zerodha, Upstox, Alice Blue and Angel for now. Get in touch with us you need some other broker to be added.

- Get custom Algos as per your requirement with additional charges.

- If you want to copy your trades in multiple accounts, you can subscribe to our 'Trade Copier service, Click below to get in touch for Trade Copier.

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